Model Cars: Raising Awareness of Environmental and Social Changes Using Children’s Toys

It was recently announced that children’s toy manufacturer Mattel were relaunching their ‘Matchbox’ toy car range, by introducing new cars, with an environmentally conscious twist.

Mattel’s new environmentally conscious products include a Tesla Roadster model car. Image: Business Wire.

The toys, which have been traditionally manufactured using new materials, have been given a ‘green’ makeover as part of the product relaunch. The new toys are successful in educating children about the motoring industry and the environment, in my view, especially considering the new products are models of electric vehicles, including the Tesla Roadster, and are made up of 99% recycled materials.

Mattel are not the only toy manufacturer changing to become more environmentally sustainable- Lego are introducing products made from plastic alternatives over the next three years, having already changed their single-use plastic bags after children wrote to them. However, I think the relaunching of ‘Matchbox’ is particularly successful and goes one step further in promoting environmental sustainability in the motoring industry, which is an industry renowned for being unsustainable and a contributor to global warming. The use of 99% recycled materials helps combat the issue with generating new plastic products, which is all too familiar within the toy industry.  

Mattel’s relaunch campaign for the ‘Matchbox’ cars is an important one, to educate children about the modern changes to the motoring industry, whilst making the education fun. What better way is there than to use toys to spread the message of environmental sustainability to even the youngest members of our society?

Thank you for reading.  

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