‘Donate Your Words’- Cadbury’s Latest Campaign is Triumphant in Tackling An Important Social Issue Mid-Pandemic

Ultimately this year has been even tougher for public relations and marketing campaigns to succeed- consumers are becoming ever more critical of organisations, especially with the instantaneous nature of social networking sites like Twitter. In only the past 12 months, we have seen numerous campaigns linked with the Coronavirus pandemic which have both succeeded and failed- who could forget fashion brand Oh Polly’s PR disaster when they retracted a nurse’s clothing prize from their key worker competition because she was unable to join their virtual event, due to working on the front line?! Today’s blog will look at Cadbury’s new campaign, which uses packaging to highlight the important social issue of loneliness- an issue which has been exasperated through the Coronavirus restrictions- and how it has succeeded in the uncertain times we are currently facing.

The new look of Cadbury’s iconic bars in aid of their Donate Your Words campaign with Age UK. Image: Metro.

Cadbury’s latest campaign, which was announced on Monday, is in conjunction with Age UK. Cadbury’s have changed their iconic Dairy Milk packaging to display a plain purple packet with a quote from one of six short stories from older people, as part of the ‘Donate Your Words’ campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to combat loneliness in elderly people, as Age UK found that “225,000 older people frequently go a whole week without talking to another person”. Cadbury’s ran a similar campaign in 2019, where they sold chocolate bars with blank packaging to show them ‘donating their words’, however, this campaign encourages stories to be passed down and shared between family, friends and neighbours.

I don’t know about you, but this campaign instantly struck a chord with me- I think this campaign highlights a significant issue in our society, which has only been worsened by the isolating year we have had. The interactive nature of the campaign- whereby consumers are encouraged to submit the stories of the older people in their lives to Cadbury’s- really feels like a step forward in bringing the issue of loneliness and isolation to the forefront of our minds. Personally, the lack of social interaction with friends, wider family and the community over the past year has been challenging- the figure above astounds me, as I cannot even begin to imagine what it is like for isolation to be the norm for some people outside of the pandemic situation.

Image: Age UK.

As much as the stories shared on the chocolate bars are entertaining, I really think this campaign has come at a perfect time. In one way or another we have all experienced isolation over the past year- whether this be isolation from friends, work colleagues, family or everyone, and it has been hard to go without social interaction and get-togethers. I really hope that this campaign succeeds in raising awareness of the issue of loneliness in the elderly, and I think it is easier to empathise with the struggles they face daily, now we have experienced the effects of the Coronavirus restrictions. I know this campaign has certainly made me think of what more I can do to ensure the older people in my life can avoid loneliness and not live in such an isolating and sad situation.

I will certainly be keeping my eyes peeled for one of Cadbury’s newly designed bars, after seeing this campaign. Do you think that this campaign will be successful in raising awareness of the issue of loneliness?

Thank you for reading.  

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