In What Ways Can Social Media And Virtual Communication Be Used To Create Positive Change?

Although social media can sometimes be seen as a negative tool which is harmful to people’s mental health and well-being, today’s blog explores one of the many ways that social media can be used positively, to join people together in times where we are separated.

Image: Hub Dot

I came across Hub Dot last week, through an elevator pitch hosted by Trinny Woodall on Instagram. Hub Dot arranges events to connect individuals, whereby each individual selects one of five coloured dots (pictured above). This unique idea really fascinates me as it provides an inclusive, positive space for stories to be shared and for people to be connected globally. This service provides an accessible and viable solution to the current issues with social distancing affecting large gatherings, and is a valuable service in this time of uncertainty. As well as Hub Dot being a tool for communication, it is also a tool for education, and connects people to others willing to share their stories and experiences. It is especially useful to be able to source inspiration from a different, and current, mode of communication, and to be exposed to a range of stories and experiences which may not have been shared without the virtual and online climate we are currently in. This is a positive use of both social media and virtual conferences, as people are connected globally to share or understand stories, which have the potential to positively impact everyone involved.

Hub Dot adapted to the coronavirus situation by setting up their storytelling events via live virtual events, which ensures there is still a platform for people to share their stories in a safe community space. I think that, now more than ever, different events which would normally be accessed physically need to adapt to being virtual, to encourage positivity, aid well-being and present a different educational source. Hub Dot is a really great example of this, as the service is built from empowering others, and encouraging confidence in others to share their stories and experiences- which is a vital tool in learning from others and evolving different sectors and industries.

Image: Royalty-free.

From a PR perspective, Hub Dot provides insight into how networking can evolve. In my experience, networking events have been face-to-face and often in a conference or meeting setting. Therefore, Hub Dot’s innovation and adaptation in itself can serve as inspiration to the PR industry, to make more networking events virtual and therefore accessible to many more people. What has been your experience of networking over the coronavirus period, has it declined due to large gatherings being postponed?

To conclude, although social media and virtual communication can sometimes receive a bad reputation- with social media often being associated with deteriorating mental health- in the current climate of remote working, learning and socialising, virtual communication and social media have arguably played a pivotal role in preventing loneliness, increasing connectivity and encouraging personal and professional growth. Hub Dot is unique in providing a safe platform for both people to share experiences and to be inspired by others. Since discovering Hub Dot last week, I am interested in finding out more about future events and to hear different experiences from different perspectives.

Thank you for reading- it would be great to hear of any innovative ways of networking or communication that you have discovered throughout the coronavirus period!     

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